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Policy and Corporate Priorities
Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General  >  Minister's Office  >  Deputy Solicitor General's Office  >  RoadSafetyBC  > Policy and Corporate Priorities
  Telephone: Not Available   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: 250 356-5577   URL: Not Available  
  Mailing Address: PO Box 9254
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Kash Akinkuowo Stakeholder Relations Communications Officer  236 478-3091    
Jihane Bousfiha Correspondence Coordinator  236 478-2376    
Thom Dennett Senior Policy Analyst     
Natalia Heilke Information Officer  236 478-0650    
Dustin Hubner Senior Project Manager of Corporate Priorities  778 405-2797    
Jeffrey McConnell Senior Manager, Policy and Legislation  778 698-9463    
Krissi Spinoza Director of Corporate Priorities  778 698-2906    
Sharon Stewart Executive Director of Policy and Corporate Priorities  250 952-1274    
Lesley Valour Senior Policy Analyst  778 974-4335    
Erin Walsh Senior Manager Program Design  250 208-5846    
Tara Zala Policy Analyst  236 478-2190    
Alex Barber Senior Policy Analyst  236 478-0225    
Lisa King Senior Policy Analyst  778 974-2041    
Kristine Chan Policy Analyst  778 698-9832    
Clayton Giles Operational Policy Analyst  778 698-3990    
Dave Lockstead Research & Data Analyst  778 698-5192    
Tiffany Craig Senior Project Management Analyst  778 698-8483    
Nicole Edgington Senior Policy Analyst  778 974-3591    
Belle Belsky Correspondence Coordinator  778 698-5198    
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