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HR Services
Government of British Columbia  > Oil and Gas Commission  >  Oil and Gas Commission  >  Corporate Services Division  >  Human Resources  > HR Services
  Telephone: 250 794-5200   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: 250 419-4403   URL: http://www.bcogc.ca  
  Mailing Address: Not Available  
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Angela Scammell Executive Director, Human Resources  250 419-4408    
Andrea Osterlund Director, Human Resources Services  250 794-5255    
Susan Teppin Director, Human Resources Services  250 419-4474    
Pam Clemen Manager, Human Resources  250 794-5201    
Renee Fekete Manager, Human Resources  250 419-4463    
Jenn Smalbrugge Manager, Human Resources  250 419-4443    
Cleo Michels Human Resources Coordinator  250 794-5204    
Crystal Henry Human Resources Coordinator  250 419-6607    
Leah Miller Human Resources Coordinator  250 794-5260    
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