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Water Protection
Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Forests  >  Minister's Office  >  Deputy Minister's Office  >  Associate Deputy Minister's Office  >  Regional Operations, Coast Area  >  Operations - West Coast Region  > Water Protection
  Telephone: 250 751-7220   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: 250 751-7224   URL: Not Available  
  Mailing Address: Not Available  
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Jessica Doyle Section Head Water Protectioin  778 693-3035    
Brian Epps Senior Regional Specialist, Water and Dike Safety  250 739-8213    
Graeme Henderson Groundwater Technician  250 739-8263    
Nicole Fulcher Groundwater Protection Officer  250 739-8339    
Kevin Telfer Fish and Wildlife Biologist  250 739-8295    
Sylvia Barroso Regional Hydrogeologist  250 739-8390    
Mingyang Zhao Regional Hydrologist  778 739-8533    
David A Johnson Licenced Senior Water Specialist - Dam Safety  250 739-8239    
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