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Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development  >  Minister's Office  >  Deputy Minister's Office  >  Associate Deputy Minister's Office  >  Integrated Resource Operations Division  >  Compliance and Enforcement  > Thompson/Okanagan
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Name Title Telephone E-mail
Janis Boivin Acting Regional Manager  250 371-6595    
Heath Hilchey Natural Resource Officer Supervisor  778 622-6868    
Don Lemp Natural Resource Officer  778 943-6930    
John Coles Natural Resource Officer Investigator  250 312-7208    
Danielle Cox Natural Resource Officer  778 622-6861    
Gavin Francis Natural Resource Officer  250 462-1691    
Cameron Helfrich Natural Resource Officer  250 312-6709    
Tristan Hopkins Natural Resource Officer  250 312-7423    
Samuel Isaak Natural Resource Officer Supervisor  778 943-0149    
Dan Krywonos Natural Resource Officer  778 943-6922    
Tammy Jones Natural Resource Officer Supervisor  778 943-7005    
Braeden Lattanzi Compliance and Enforcement Officer Supervisor  250 312-6689    
Jordan Pertus Natural Resource Officer  250 371-6569    
Randal Kohlhauser Natural Resource Officer  778 622-6900    
James Smith Natural Resource Officer  250 490-2238    
Katrina Iverson Natural Resource Officer  250 308-6088    
Terry Harink Natural Resource Officer Investigator  236 478-0246    
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