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Climate Partnerships and Engagement Branch
Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy  >  Minister's Office  >  Deputy Minister's Office  >  Climate Action Secretariat  > Climate Partnerships and Engagement Branch
  Telephone: Not Available   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: Not Available   URL: Not Available  
  Mailing Address: PO BOX 9486 STN PROV GOVT
Victoria BC
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Christopher Gilmore Executive Director  778 698-1670    
Samantha Horan Office Manager  236 478-3617    
Elaine Cross A/Director, Policy Integration and Engagement  778 974-2738    
Theresa Taaffe Manager, Engagement  778 698-3989    
Louise Takeda Senior Policy Analyst  778 698-4020    
Alana Clement Policy and Communications Officer  236 478-1692    
Andrea Klassen Communications Officer     
Ben Finkelstein Director, Partnerships  778 698-4001    
Ting Pan Senior Policy Analyst  236 478-3584    
Lee C Johnson Manager, Climate Infrastructure Programs  778 698-3254    
Ryan O'Grady Manager, Communities  236 478-3676    
Kenneth Porter Senior Policy Analyst  778 698-3994    
Alvaro Diaz Policy Analyst  778 698-7141    
Dave Aharonian Senior Policy Analyst  778 974-5658    
Trevor Barry Policy Analyst  778 698-2631    
Claire Yick Senior Policy Analyst  778 698-9238    
Craig Windrim Manager, Intergovernmental, Indigenous and Innovation Partnershi  250 508-3264    
Avril Nagel Senior Policy Analyst  778 698-3517    
Anna Bunce Senior Policy Analyst  778 698-9408    
Katie McGuigan-Scott Policy Analyst  236 478-3583    
Claire Danes Policy Analyst  778 698-1837    
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