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Accountability, Economics and Analysis
Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy  >  Minister's Office  >  Deputy Minister's Office  >  Climate Action Secretariat  > Accountability, Economics and Analysis
  Telephone: Not Available   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: Not Available   URL: Not Available  
  Mailing Address: PO BOX 9486 STN PROV GOVT
Victoria BC
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Matt Horne Executive Director  778 405-2723    
VACANT Office Manager     
Hilary Hop Wo Director, Economics and Analysis  778 974-3749    
VACANT A/Senior Economic Advisor     
Ryan Davis Senior Economic Advisor  236 478-3626    
VACANT Policy Analyst     
VACANT Forest Carbon Modelling Professional     
Ryan Kadowaki Senior Economic Advisor  778 698-4790    
Daniel Dale Senior Economic Analyst  236 478-1917    
Chris Bosson Policy Analyst  236 478-0908    
Jennifer Turner (TA) A/Manager, Climate Strategy Development  778 698-4041    
VACANT Senior Policy Analyst     
VACANT Project Coordinator     
VACANT Unit Head - Accountability     
VACANT Policy Analyst     
VACANT Senior Policy Analyst     
VACANT Policy Analyst     
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