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Industry Partnerships & Visitor Services
Government of British Columbia  > Destination BC Corp.  >  Executive Office  >  Destination Management  > Industry Partnerships & Visitor Services
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Name Title Telephone E-mail
Imran Gill Acting Director, Industry Partnerships & Visitor Services  236 468-2332    
Kathleen Harvey Manager, Visitor Services  604 953-6776    
Monique Willis Network Program Manager  604 953-6744    
Jasmine Wong Visitor Services Coordinator  236 468-4346    
Karen Ozsvath Industry Online Programs Coordinator, Visitor Services  604 953-6783    
Robyn Hanson Manager, Marketing Co-op Programs  604 953-6773    
Karen Homes Senior Program Advisor, Marketing Co-op Programs  604 953-6749    
Fiona Frost Senior Program Advisor, MRDT  604 953-6704    
Meghan MacDonald Coordinator, Co-op Marketing Programs  604 607-9721    
Edwin Wu Special Project Support  778 572-3307    
Laine McDonald Manager, Industry Development     
Beth Sangara Senior Project Manager, Industry Development  778 572-1830    
Aimee Epp Senior Project Manager, Industry Development  604 953-6703    
Hannah Kellett Senior Project Manager, Industry Development  236 468-1225    
Maria Uppal Project Coordinator  604 953-6723    
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