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Asset Management Branch
Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Citizens' Services  >  Minister's Office  >  Ministry of Citizens' Services, Deputy Minister's Office  >  Real Property Division  > Asset Management Branch
  Telephone: Not Available   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: Not Available   URL: Not Available  
  Mailing Address: 4000 Seymour Place
Victoria BC
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Rebecca Guthrie Executive Director  250 889-2993    
Matthew Andrews Director, Asset Portfolio  250 213-6821    
Quinn Daly Real Estate Manager, Asset Portfolio  250 213-5244    
Tracy Aitchison Real Estate Manager, Asset Portfolio  778 679-9688    
Charles Chan Real Estate Manager, Asset Portfolio  604 398-4662    
Ben Larsson Real Estate Manager, Asset Portfolio  250 213-9982    
Graeme Sykes Real Estate Manager, Asset Portfolio  250 217-3027    
Ryan Lush Real Estate Advisor, Asset Portfolio  250 896-5387    
Lorenzo De Vera Real Estate Advisor, Asset Portfolio  250 678-6254    
Andrew Hawes Project Administrator, Asset Portfolio  250 886-0294    
Kerry Kalaman Program Coordinator  250 883-2512    
Christine French Director, Corporate Sustainability  604 999-6389    
Stefanie Jones A/Asset Investment Programs Manager  604 398-4762    
John Berry Senior Manager, Environmental Management System  250 812-1106    
Darcie Annesley Senior Manager Health and Safety Management System  778 584-5907    
Namrata Sheth Energy and Climate Action Manager  778 676-4503    
Jenna Lange A/Senior Manager Sustainability Initiatives  250 361-5926    
Jessica Woolliams Sustainability Outreach Lead  604 328-1483    
Lilliana Paz Environmental Management Technologist  250 978-9601    
Luke Plichta Energy Infrastructure Officer  250 818-0539    
Emma Viberg Senior Manager, Asset Investment  250 886-7828    
Keri Vrabel Property Tax Analyst, Asset Investment  778 974-5760    
Marilyn Ord Property Tax Analyst, Asset Investment  250 818-1592    
Danielle Desjardins Project Administrator, Asset Investment  778 698-1947    
John Carrelli Manager, Risk Management  250 213-8624    
Sandra Otway Planning Analyst, Risk Management  250 886-5627    
Abdulrauf Adediran Program Coordinator, Risk Management  250 880-5205    
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