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Resource Sector Team
Government of British Columbia  > Ministry of Citizens' Services  >  Minister's Office  >  Ministry of Citizens' Services, Deputy Minister's Office  >  Office of the Associate Deputy Minister and Government Chief Information Officer  >  Corporate Information & Records Management Office  >  Information Access Operations  >  Access and Records Service Delivery  > Resource Sector Team
  Telephone: 250 387-1321   Email: Not Available  
  Facsimile: 250 387-9843   URL: Not Available  
  Mailing Address: PO BOX 9569 STN PROV GOVT
Victoria BC
Name Title Telephone E-mail
James Bacigalupo FOI Analyst  236 478-0501    
Claire Marie Joseph FOI Analyst  778 974-3787    
Anthony Wan Sr FOI Analyst  250 419-8668    
Juliane Letawske Sr. FOI Analyst  250 387-0915    
Debra Graves Sr. FOI Analyst  250 387-7917    
Mark Kewley Team Lead Resource  250 356-2228    
Marc Everitt Senior FOI Analyst  250 387-7996    
Tyler Barbon Senior FOI Analyst  778 698-2328    
Regan Batt FOI Specialist  778 698-5996    
Kathleen Anderson Senior FOI Analyst  250 419-8592    
Dan Bullard Team Lead  778 974-4670    
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