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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Orla Geary AG Strategic Policy and Projects Victoria Senior Project Manager  
Alison Buchanan PSA Planning and Portfolio Management  Victoria Senior Project Manager 250 213-1274  
Lisa Amminson TRAN Project Delivery and Planning Services Kamloops Senior Project Manager 250 371-3985  
Erick Pay AG Gaming Policy & Enforcement Victoria Senior Project Manager 250 387-2480  
Alycia Traas TRAN Major Projects and Alternate Procurement Victoria Senior Project Manager 250 650-6553  
Ami Dagan CITZ Workplace Technology Services Procurement Project Branch Victoria Senior Project Manager 250 818-5212  
Katie Aitken PSSG Strategic Partnerships  REMP Senior Project Manager 250 896-4835  
Katie Aitken PSSG Disaster Risk Reduction  Senior Project Manager, REMP 250 896-4836  
Aimee Epp DBC Marketing Co-op Programs Vancouver Senior Project Manager 604 953-6703  
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