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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Carl Constantine SDPR Workplace Technology Victoria Senior Technical Analyst- Ops Lead 250 419-8912  
Curtis Kayfish CITZ Online Service Solutions Victoria Team Lead, Senior Technical Architect 778 679-8176  
Don Friesen CITZ Infrastructure Application Support Victoria Team Lead, Senior Technical Architect 250 356-7200  
Donovan Jenkins FIN Portfolio Management Office & Strategic Investments Victoria Team Lead, Technical Projects 778 698-2306  
Gina Lazaro PSSG Services Management Victoria Technical Lead, Workplace Technology Projects 778 698-3635  
James Gladysz OGC Engineering Reviews Kelowna Technical Leader, Facilities 250 980-6079  
John H McColl CITZ Information Technology  Victoria Team Lead, SBC Technical Support 778 698-2702  
Jonathan Russell CITZ IMB Applications Management Victoria Technical Lead 250 698-9122  
Judah Paemka CITZ Communication and Collaboration Service Delivery Victoria Senior Technical Lead - SharePoint 778 974-2848  
Jun Yin ENV Clean Growth Branch Victoria Technical Lead 778 693-3015  
Mark Hayes OGC Resource Development & Stewardship Victoria Technical Leader, Resource Assessment 250 419-4431  
Nadia Hugh AG Service Design & Architecture Victoria Lead Web Technical Analyst 778 698-2911  
Nadia Hugh PSSG Service Design and Architecture Victoria Lead Web Technical Analyst 778 698-2911  
Navtej Lalli FIN Operational Support Services Victoria Senior Technical Architect & Team Lead 778 698-3065  
Ryan Emperingham OGC Resource Development & Stewardship Victoria GIS Technical Lead 250 419-4459  
Stephanie Kuhn CITZ Online Service Solutions Victoria Lead Web Technical Analyst 250 883-3524  
Tonja Quinn CITZ Service Delivery Victoria Sr Technical Service Lead 778 698-2831  
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