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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Melissa Lucchetta FLNR Cumulative Effects & Integrated Monitoring Victoria Strategic Projects Coordinator & Policy Analyst 778 974-2380  
Stephanie Gordon EDUC Learning Division Victoria Strategic Projects and Correspondence Coordinator 778 974-4106  
Kyle Beadman FLNR Integrated Enforcement Team VERNON Senior Provincial NRO - Project Coordinator 250 260-4612  
Karen Smith CITZ Delivery Management Services Victoria Senior Project Coordinator 778 698-2120  
Olga Liberchuk AG Housing Policy Branch Victoria Senior Project Coordinator 250 387-7477  
Mody Bossy CITZ UC Project  Senior Project Coordinator 250 953-6269  
Deb Strawson RCY Corporate Services Victoria Reviews and Investigations Project Coordinator 778 698-9395  
Hannah Eilertsen PSA Corporate Workforce Strategies VICTORIA Research and Project Coordinator  
Haley Hanson CITZ Procurement and Supply Division  PSD Internal Communication and Project Coordinator 250 419-8975  
Vacant TRAN Maintenance Contract Renewal  Victoria Project Management Coordinator 250 356-2270  
Celso Galvez MCF Strategic Initiatives Vancouver Project Coordinator/Office Manager 604 398-5143  
Karen Ozsvath DBC Tourism Product Management Vancouver Project Coordinator, Industry Development 604 953-6783  
Elaine Shibata TRAN Indigenous Relations Kamloops Project Coordinator, Indigenous Relations 778 362-4484  
Amy Bagg TRAN Indigenous Relations Kamloops Project Coordinator, Indigenous Relations 778 362-4514  
VACANT VACANT AEST Digital Projects Unit Victoria Project Coordinator, Digital Projects  
Monisha Prasad PSA Corporate Onboarding Vancouver Project Coordinator, Corporate Priorities 778 617-2508  
Leah Munro CITZ Enterprise Design Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 507-3548  
David Guilbault AG Business Operations Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4221  
Paul Smith LASS Legislative Facility Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-8136  
Janet Ford FLNR BCWS Headquarters - Kamloops Kamloops Project Coordinator 250 312-7175  
Megan Burns EMPR Oil and Gas Division Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-0333  
Aganetha Goertzen FLNR Forest Tenures Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 236 478-0290  
Lauren Miller CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 778 698-1924  
Jennifer Abatecola CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 778 974-4704  
Joleen Miller JEDC Sector & Regulatory Competitiveness Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-4325  
Jijith Haridas CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 250 920-8478  
Heather Mason CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 778 974-3435  
Daniel Brockerville CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 236 478-1850  
Maria Uppal DBC Tourism Product Management Vancouver Project Coordinator 604 953-6723  
Katie Carrothers MAH Local Government Division Victoria Project Coordinator 236 478-0537  
Jannea Bridge FIN Policy and Legislation Division Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-3937  
DJ Griffiths CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 250 419-8977  
May Robson HLTH Ministry Planning and Strategic Initiatives Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-1660  
Cheryl Hewlett HLTH Executive Operations Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-3596  
Vacant FIN Revenue Solutions Branch Victoria Project Coordinator  
Jaynie Fahlman EBC Elections British Columbia Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-3265  
Bola Oluwarinu CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 236 478-1887  
Lala Tran HLTH PharmaCare Systems Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-4367  
Jade Gregg CITZ Integrated Service Solutions Victoria Project Coordinator  
Krista Dagnall EDUC Assessment Administration, Analysis and Reporting Victoria Project Coordinator 250 888-4291  
Laurie Duncan ENV Resilience and Clean Government Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4083  
Laura Graham CPC Castlegar Castlegar Project Coordinator 250 304-6080  
Jenny Dellabough CITZ Service Delivery Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-2141  
Terran Wilkie TRAN Transportation Services Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-4982  
Hailey Holliday CITZ Real Property Division Victoria Project Coordinator 236 478-0855  
Amy van Reeuwyk ENV Clean Growth Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4084  
Rayna DeHoog FLNR Fleet & Assets Smithers Project Coordinator 250 876-7118  
Angela Mackay CITZ Device Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 886-1430  
Brynna Cawley PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver Vancouver Project Coordinator 778 945-1137  
Joshua Krul CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 236 478-0421  
Joy Harrison EDUC Mental Health Victoria Project Coordinator 250 812-6047  
Vacant Vacant EDUC Student Transitions Victoria Project Coordinator  
Becky Oldring FLNR Adminstrative Services - Quesnel Quesnel Project Coordinator 236 713-2204  
Jasmin Gabriel ENV Clean Growth Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4323  
Norma Ritchie EDUC Learning Division Victoria Project Coordinator 250 356-2685  
Tanvi Ahuja PSA Planning and Portfolio Management  Vancouver Project Coordinator 778 698-1165  
Kyla Tunstall PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver  Project Coordinator 778 572-3394  
Jennifer Dunn SDPR Project Management Office Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-3792  
Pelumi Ogunbanwo CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 250 419-8579  
Lorraine Anderson ENV Project Management  Project Coordinator 236 478-1749  
Chris Caldwell PSA Resource Sector Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-1320  
Naomi Saukila FLNR Northeast Resource Management and Major Projects Fort St. John Project Coordinator 250 787-3407  
Caitlin Miles PSSG Disaster Mitigation & Community Recovery  Project Coordinator 778 698-8658  
Keri Sandford CITZ Registries and Online Services Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-1412  
Lior Likver EMPR Environmental Stewardship Initiative Branch  Project Coordinator 250 882-1713  
Jessamine Lao EMPR Infrastructure Development  Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-3557  
Kathy Van Dolah FLNR Northeast Resource Management and Major Projects Fort St. John Project Coordinator 250 261-2052  
Levi Gautreau HLTH Strategy Management Office Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-2760  
Lesley Carman EDUC French Education Victoria Project Coordinator 250 480-9961  
Arielle Boivin EMPR LNG Canada Implementation Secretariat Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-2813  
Amanda Balicki EDUC Student Information, Data & Education Network Services Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-5596  
Rashi Aggarwal EDUC Online Learning & Resources Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-4573  
Tamunomiebaka (Tammie) Victor CITZ IMB Project & Business Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 480-9984  
Dara VanderMeulen EDUC Student Wellness and Safety Victoria Project Coordinator  
Ravinder Birk OGC Corporate Planning & Reporting Victoria Project Coordinator 250 419-4470  
Jenny Boulet EMPR BC Geological Survey Branch Victoria Project and Branch Coordinator 236 478-3342  
Jennifer L Wilson SDPR Strategic Policy and Legislation Branch Victoria Project and Administrative Coordinator 778 698-7693  
Amy Edgington AG Compliance and Enforcement Secretariat Victoria Project & Training Coordinator 236 478-1335  
Julia Stewart PSA Community Sector VICTORIA Project & Recruitment Coordinator 778 698-1371  
Heather McDonald AG Business Operations Victoria ORCS Project Coordinator 778 698-3735  
Elena Lobaeva CITZ Delivery Management Services Victoria Jr. Project Coordinator 778 974-4609  
Teresa Webster CITZ IMB Applications Management Victoria IT Project Coordinator 778 698-2013  
Brendan Reddington TRAN Environmental Programs Policy & Standards Coquitlam Environmental Project Coordinator (Coquitlam) 604 312-0839  
Brendan Reddington TRAN Engineering Coquitlam Environmental Project Coordinator 604 312-0839  
Touer Haines EBC Elections British Columbia Victoria Enumeration Project Coordinator 250 387-5305  
Weng Chan MAH University Endowment Lands - Administration Vancouver Engineering Projects Coordinator 236 468-3147  
Sarah Goudreau HLTH Design & Delivery Langley Digital Project Coordinator 604 215-5163  
Kevin Ziegler IRR Major Projects and Strategic Consultation Initiatives Victoria Coordinator, Major Projects 778 974-2092  
Christine Friedrichsmeier FLNR Caribou Project VANDERHOOF Caribou Project Coordinator 236 409-2005  
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