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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
VACANT VACANT AEST Digital Projects Unit Victoria Project Coordinator, Digital Projects  
Vacant FIN Revenue Solutions Branch Victoria Project Coordinator  
Jade Gregg CITZ Integrated Service Solutions Victoria Project Coordinator  
Vacant Vacant EDUC Student Transitions Victoria Project Coordinator  
Hannah Eilertsen PSA Corporate Workforce Strategies VICTORIA Research and Project Coordinator  
Dara VanderMeulen EDUC Student Wellness and Safety Victoria Project Coordinator  
Sarah Goudreau HLTH Design & Delivery Langley Digital Project Coordinator 604 215-5163  
Kyle Beadman FLNR Integrated Enforcement Team VERNON Senior Provincial NRO - Project Coordinator 250 260-4612  
Kathy Van Dolah FLNR Northeast Resource Management and Major Projects Fort St. John Project Coordinator 250 261-2052  
Laura Graham CPC Castlegar Castlegar Project Coordinator 250 304-6080  
Brendan Reddington TRAN Environmental Programs Policy & Standards Coquitlam Environmental Project Coordinator (Coquitlam) 604 312-0839  
Brendan Reddington TRAN Engineering Coquitlam Environmental Project Coordinator 604 312-0839  
Janet Ford FLNR BCWS Headquarters - Kamloops Kamloops Project Coordinator 250 312-7175  
Vacant TRAN Maintenance Contract Renewal  Victoria Project Management Coordinator 250 356-2270  
Norma Ritchie EDUC Learning Division Victoria Project Coordinator 250 356-2685  
Elaine Shibata TRAN Indigenous Relations Kamloops Project Coordinator, Indigenous Relations 778 362-4484  
Amy Bagg TRAN Indigenous Relations Kamloops Project Coordinator, Indigenous Relations 778 362-4514  
Touer Haines EBC Elections British Columbia Victoria Enumeration Project Coordinator 250 387-5305  
Olga Liberchuk AG Housing Policy Branch Victoria Senior Project Coordinator 250 387-7477  
Celso Galvez MCF Strategic Initiatives Vancouver Project Coordinator/Office Manager 604 398-5143  
Christine Friedrichsmeier FLNR Caribou Project VANDERHOOF Caribou Project Coordinator 236 409-2005  
Ravinder Birk OGC Corporate Planning & Reporting Victoria Project Coordinator 250 419-4470  
Pelumi Ogunbanwo CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 250 419-8579  
Haley Hanson CITZ Procurement and Supply Division  PSD Internal Communication and Project Coordinator 250 419-8975  
DJ Griffiths CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 250 419-8977  
Weng Chan MAH University Endowment Lands - Administration Vancouver Engineering Projects Coordinator 236 468-3147  
Aganetha Goertzen FLNR Forest Tenures Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 236 478-0290  
Joshua Krul CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 236 478-0421  
Katie Carrothers MAH Local Government Division Victoria Project Coordinator 236 478-0537  
Hailey Holliday CITZ Real Property Division Victoria Project Coordinator 236 478-0855  
Amy Edgington AG Compliance and Enforcement Secretariat Victoria Project & Training Coordinator 236 478-1335  
Lorraine Anderson ENV Project Management  Project Coordinator 236 478-1749  
Daniel Brockerville CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 236 478-1850  
Bola Oluwarinu CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 236 478-1887  
Jenny Boulet EMPR BC Geological Survey Branch Victoria Project and Branch Coordinator 236 478-3342  
Lesley Carman EDUC French Education Victoria Project Coordinator 250 480-9961  
Tamunomiebaka (Tammie) Victor CITZ IMB Project & Business Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 480-9984  
Leah Munro CITZ Enterprise Design Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 507-3548  
Kyla Tunstall PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver  Project Coordinator 778 572-3394  
Monisha Prasad PSA Corporate Onboarding Vancouver Project Coordinator, Corporate Priorities 778 617-2508  
Tanvi Ahuja PSA Planning and Portfolio Management  Vancouver Project Coordinator 778 698-1165  
Chris Caldwell PSA Resource Sector Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-1320  
Julia Stewart PSA Community Sector VICTORIA Project & Recruitment Coordinator 778 698-1371  
Keri Sandford CITZ Registries and Online Services Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-1412  
Lauren Miller CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 778 698-1924  
Teresa Webster CITZ IMB Applications Management Victoria IT Project Coordinator 778 698-2013  
Karen Smith CITZ Delivery Management Services Victoria Senior Project Coordinator 778 698-2120  
Jenny Dellabough CITZ Service Delivery Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-2141  
Heather McDonald AG Business Operations Victoria ORCS Project Coordinator 778 698-3735  
Jennifer Dunn SDPR Project Management Office Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-3792  
Laurie Duncan ENV Resilience and Clean Government Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4083  
Amy van Reeuwyk ENV Clean Growth Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4084  
David Guilbault AG Business Operations Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4221  
Jasmin Gabriel ENV Clean Growth Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-4323  
Amanda Balicki EDUC Student Information, Data & Education Network Services Victoria Project Coordinator 778 698-5596  
Jennifer L Wilson SDPR Strategic Policy and Legislation Branch Victoria Project and Administrative Coordinator 778 698-7693  
Caitlin Miles PSSG Disaster Mitigation & Community Recovery  Project Coordinator 778 698-8658  
Deb Strawson RCY Corporate Services Victoria Reviews and Investigations Project Coordinator 778 698-9395  
Becky Oldring FLNR Adminstrative Services - Quesnel Quesnel Project Coordinator 236 713-2204  
Naomi Saukila FLNR Northeast Resource Management and Major Projects Fort St. John Project Coordinator 250 787-3407  
Joy Harrison EDUC Mental Health Victoria Project Coordinator 250 812-6047  
Rayna DeHoog FLNR Fleet & Assets Smithers Project Coordinator 250 876-7118  
Lior Likver EMPR Environmental Stewardship Initiative Branch  Project Coordinator 250 882-1713  
Angela Mackay CITZ Device Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 886-1430  
Krista Dagnall EDUC Assessment Administration, Analysis and Reporting Victoria Project Coordinator 250 888-4291  
Jijith Haridas CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 250 920-8478  
Brynna Cawley PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver Vancouver Project Coordinator 778 945-1137  
Megan Burns EMPR Oil and Gas Division Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-0333  
May Robson HLTH Ministry Planning and Strategic Initiatives Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-1660  
Cheryl Hewlett HLTH Executive Operations Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-3596  
Lala Tran HLTH PharmaCare Systems Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-4367  
Paul Smith LASS Legislative Facility Services Victoria Project Coordinator 250 952-8136  
Mody Bossy CITZ UC Project  Senior Project Coordinator 250 953-6269  
Maria Uppal DBC Tourism Product Management Vancouver Project Coordinator 604 953-6723  
Karen Ozsvath DBC Tourism Product Management Vancouver Project Coordinator, Industry Development 604 953-6783  
Kevin Ziegler IRR Major Projects and Strategic Consultation Initiatives Victoria Coordinator, Major Projects 778 974-2092  
Melissa Lucchetta FLNR Cumulative Effects & Integrated Monitoring Victoria Strategic Projects Coordinator & Policy Analyst 778 974-2380  
Levi Gautreau HLTH Strategy Management Office Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-2760  
Arielle Boivin EMPR LNG Canada Implementation Secretariat Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-2813  
Jaynie Fahlman EBC Elections British Columbia Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-3265  
Heather Mason CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 778 974-3435  
Jessamine Lao EMPR Infrastructure Development  Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-3557  
Jannea Bridge FIN Policy and Legislation Division Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-3937  
Stephanie Gordon EDUC Learning Division Victoria Strategic Projects and Correspondence Coordinator 778 974-4106  
Joleen Miller JEDC Sector & Regulatory Competitiveness Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-4325  
Rashi Aggarwal EDUC Online Learning & Resources Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-4573  
Elena Lobaeva CITZ Delivery Management Services Victoria Jr. Project Coordinator 778 974-4609  
Jennifer Abatecola CITZ Workplace Development Services VICTORIA Project Coordinator 778 974-4704  
Terran Wilkie TRAN Transportation Services Branch Victoria Project Coordinator 778 974-4982  
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