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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Kaya Fraser FLNR Base Mapping VICTORIA GIS Technician  
Reshma Nair FLNR Tenures 100 MILE HOUSE GIS Technician  
Jennifer Marr FLNR BC Timber Sales Branch Williams Lake GIS Mapping Technician 250 302-4689  
Nikki Knuit FLNR Kamloops Kamloops GIS Technician 250 312-7469  
Shannon Kealty FLNR Mountain Resorts Branch Kamloops GIS Technician - Kamloops 250 371-3945  
Josh Doerksen FLNR Resource Management Merritt GIS Technician 250 378-0550  
Jackie O'Neil MUNI Islands Trust Victoria GIS Technician 250 405-5180  
Akansha Vaish EMLI Mineral Titles (Vancouver) Vancouver Coop - GIS Technician 236 455-1561  
Vacant Vacant ALC Agricultural Land Commission Burnaby GIS/Mapping Technician 236 468-3341  
Natalie Jackson FLNR Base Mapping VICTORIA GIS Technician 236 478-1462  
Maddison Lussin FLNR Base Mapping VICTORIA GIS Technician 236 478-3835  
Peng David Zhang FLNR Decision Support First Nations VICTORIA GIS Technician 236 478-3887  
Jonathan T Decker AFF Land Use & Geospatial Unit Abbotsford GIS Technician 778 666-0548  
Jacqueline M Tourand AFF Land Use & Geospatial Unit Abbotsford Premises Identification GIS Technician 778 666-2433  
Brennan Webster FLNR Range Branch (Range, Invasive Plants & Ecosystem Restoration Nelson GIS Technician 778 671-2666  
Christine Hamilton FLNR Stewardship - Quesnel Quesnel GIS Technician 236 713-2217  
Chris Bianchi OGC Resource Development & Stewardship Fort St. John GIS Technician 250 794-5289  
Heather Kuhne FLNR Stewardship Campbell River GIS Technician 250 850-1768  
Kyrianne Wiggan FLNR North Island/Central Coast Natural Resources District (Port McNeill, Bella Coola) Port McNeill GIS Technician 250 956-5054  
Jessica Fulcher FLNR Seaward Port McNeill GIS Mapping Technician 250 956-5330  
Shannah Beattie FLNR Base Mapping VICTORIA GIS Technician 778 974-3625  
Lianne Scott FLNR Resource Management - Mackenzie MACKENZIE GIS Technician 250 997-2251  
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