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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Cathy Hohnsbehn OGC Office of the Commissioner Victoria Senior Executive Coordinator 250 419-4497  
Skye Dumond FPB Executive & Support Staff Victoria Executive Operations Coordinator 250 213-4709  
Tabitha Bernard AG Minister's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator to the Chief of Staff 250 387-1866  
Launa Ramsay AG Office of Housing and Construction Standards Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 893-7827  
Stacey Horbas OPCC Victoria Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 356-7458  
Kyla Szczyry PSA Executive VICTORIA Executive Coordinator 778 698-7970  
Arthi Reddy LBR Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-1635  
Jania Marsh HLTH Health Sector Workforce and Beneficiary Services Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 952-2402  
Kevin Tulip PSSG EMBC Assistant Deputy Minister Regional Operations  Executive Coordinator 250 893-7353  
Maria Dupuis IPC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner / Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-5629  
Stacey Begon FLNR Office of the Chief Forester VICTORIA Executive Coordinator 778 974-4281  
Morgan Genzale AG Corporate Management Services Branch Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-7606  
Jennifer Moran ENV ADM's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 886-5824  
Holly Wiman HLTH Health Services Division  Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 952-3037  
Nargis Kiewiet PSSG Policing and Security Branch Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 974-4693  
Elizabeth Porcher MAH Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-3478  
Marlene Cochrane EMPR Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-7254  
Ruth Fernandes PSSG EMBC Assistant Deputy Minister Office Recovery, Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction  Executive Coordinator 778 676-1446  
Jamie Lewis AG Gaming Policy & Enforcement Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 952-3120  
Ana Andrade MAH Local Government Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-3486  
Brianna Parrott AG Legal Services Branch Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-4404  
Carol Hoyer OCI Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-8677  
Alycia Bockus-Vanin OMBD Victoria Office VICTORIA Executive Coordinator 250 356-1559  
Sarah Wempe MAH Immigration & Strategic Planning Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-8774  
Kim C. Tran MCF Early Years and Inclusion Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-7115  
Carolyn Parkinson FLNR ADM, CSNR & EFO for FLNR Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-4895  
Sarah Blenkin FLNR Rural Opportunities, Tenures and Engineering Division  Executive Coordinator 778 974-5827  
Lisa Marshman MCF Quality Assurance Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-4971  
Sandra Jupp FLNR Resource Stewardship Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 974-5092  
Marnie Faust FIN Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-3327  
Assistant to ADAG AG Criminal Justice Branch Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-5174  
Cindy Ward HLTH Population and Public Health Victoria Executive Coordinator 236 468-3799  
Ashley Dakin JEDC Investment, Innovation & Technology Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-9408  
Keira Morgan IPC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner / Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-5629  
Alisha Nichols AEST Deputy Minister's Office  Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-9183  
Jenna Holmes HLTH Partnerships & Innovation Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 952-3295  
Kelly Brubacher MAH Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 387-0752  
Laurel Thompson HLTH Office of the Provincial Health Officer Victoria Executive Coordinator  
Kyla Szczyry PSA Hiring and Service Operations  Executive Coordinator 778 698-7970  
Jaime Korchinski PSA Executive VICTORIA Executive Coordinator 250 886-5062  
Jocelyn Hubbard HLTH Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-4972  
Johanna Simpas PSA People and Organizational Development VICTORIA Executive Coordinator 778 698-9873  
Arlene Carlson EBC Elections British Columbia Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 952-6641  
Debbie Cook BCAA Government Directory Updates   Executive Coordinator 250 595-6211  
Emma Valentinuzzi AG Justice Services Branch - ADMO Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 974-3689  
Derek Tryan HLTH Pharmaceutical, Laboratory & Blood Services Division Victoria Executive Coordinator 778 698-9402  
Lori Foster MAH Islands Trust Victoria Executive Coordinator 250 405-5161  
Lily Jer-Nakamura RBCM Chief Executive Office VICTORIA BC Executive and Board Coordinator 250 953-4015  
Amanda Shortt PREM Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Administrative Coordinator to Lori Wanamaker and Christina Zacharuk 778 974-5747  
Eleanor Mulloy PREM Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Executive Administrative Coordinator to Jill Kot, Donna Sanford & Eric Kristianson 778 698-8971  
Linda King OGC Engineering Division Kelowna Executive Administrative Coordinator 250 980-6056  
Brittany Gates TRAN Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Documents Coordinator 778 974-5471  
Shawna Beamish RCY Corporate Services Victoria Coordinator, Executive Services 778 698-9386  
JoJo Beattie LASS Green MLA Constituency Assistants Sidney Communications Manager & Executive Coordinator - Saanich North and the Islands 250 655-5600  
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