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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Arman Dadrass HLTH Finance and Corporate Services Victoria Documents Coordinator 778 405-3951  
Mitchie Gabas HLTH Mental Health and Substance Use Victoria Documents Coordinator 778 405-1854  
Emily Watkins HLTH Population and Public Health Victoria Documents Coordinator 250 952-1394  
Debra Hartlen HLTH ADMO Victoria Documents Coordinator 250 952-1040  
Brenda McClymont HLTH Pharmaceutical, Laboratory & Blood Services Division Victoria Documents Coordinator 250 952-1969  
Naoko Gadd MMHA Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Documents Coordinator 778 405-2886  
Daniel Hitchen MUNI Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Documents Coordinator 778 974-5566  
Rhyan Lewis JERI Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Documents Coordinator 236 478-3838  
Sarah Shoquist TRAN Executive Operations Victoria Documents Coordinator 236 478-2027  
Araya Suebsee HLTH Health Sector Workforce and Beneficiary Services Division Victoria Documents Coordinator 236 478-2632  
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