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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Wendy Swan MUNI Management Services Division Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 778 974-3816  
Marisa Herron HLTH Health System Operations Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 236 478-3293  
Lynn Carnegie HLTH Population and Public Health Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 250 952-1123  
Juliet Grove PSSG Policing and Security Branch Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 778 698-7452  
Vasuhi Collins PSSG EMBC Regional Operations & Office of the Fire Commissioner   A/Executive Coordinator 236 478-1529  
Linda Carey HLTH Office of the Seniors Advocate Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 778 974-4271  
Shirley Kwan LBR Deputy Minister's Office Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 778 698-1667  
Leila Wilson HLTH Planning and Division Operations Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 250 952-3124  
Ashley Fernandes AF Market Development Victoria a/Executive Coordinator 778 974-6347  
Nikki Papadopoulos AG Office of Housing and Construction Standards Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 778 974-3213  
Wendy Swan TACS Management Services Division Victoria A/Executive Coordinator 778 974-3816  
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