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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Tim Jepp HLTH Informatics and Data Provisioning Victoria Team Lead 250 952-2644  
Paul Gillan HLTH Community Care Analytics Victoria Team Lead 250 952-1406  
Neal Yonson CITZ Central Agency Team Victoria Team Lead 778 698-2378  
Bart Jedynak HLTH Joint Commitees and Projects Victoria Team Lead 250 952-1259  
Brian Kolman FLNR Regional Initiatives - Skeena SMITHERS Team Lead 250 847-7703  
Ting Wang FIN Audit - Victoria  Team Lead 778 698-9661  
Gitta Fekete CITZ Consolidated Intake & Scanning Unit  Team Lead 778 698-5670  
Paul Lam HLTH Workforce Analytics Victoria Team Lead 250 952-1418  
Mathew Kokas SDPR Business Alignment Victoria Team Lead 778 698-7172  
Jo-Anne Nugent MAH Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Team Lead 778 698-9066  
Patrick Craib CITZ Consolidated Intake & Scanning Unit Victoria Team Lead 250 387-7620  
Anita Foster CITZ Justice / Social Team Victoria Team Lead 778 698-2566  
Jay Evans HLTH Business Services and Transformation Victoria Team Lead 250 952-3084  
Simon Towner CITZ Financial Planning and Reporting VICTORIA Team Lead 778 698-9925  
Jonelle Weinrich CITZ Personals Team Victoria Team Lead 250 356-9392  
Anton Coetzer ENV Development & Digital Services Victoria Team Lead 778 698-2594  
Nathalie Darmon HLTH Health System Analytics Victoria Team Lead 250 952-1042  
Annie Choi FIN Audit - Victoria  Team Lead 250 419-8555  
Mark Kewley CITZ Resource Sector Team Victoria Team Lead 250 356-2228  
Adrian Chalifour CITZ Social/Tech Team Victoria Team Lead 250 387-1458  
Neva Everitt CITZ Business and Infrastructure Team Victoria Team Lead 250 952-7937  
Jennifer Stephen HLTH Special Authority Victoria Team Lead 778 698-1124  
Beatrixe Whittome HLTH Hospital and Diagnostic Analytics Victoria Team Lead 250 952-3044  
Tara Heinrich CITZ Health / Education Team  Team Lead 778 698-5260  
Arielle Andrews CITZ Personals Team  Team Lead 778 698-3198  
Remi Bandet CITZ Community Space and Furniture Management Victoria Team Lead 250 882-4397  
Julie Bertrand EDUC Corporate Writing Services Victoria Team Lead 778 974-5602  
Susan Hetenyi FLNR Regional Executive Director - Northeast Fort St. John Team Lead 250 261-2055  
Gloria Kopplin MAH Community Gaming Grants Victoria Team Lead 778 698-3336  
Stanley Zhu HLTH Health System Analytics Victoria Team Lead 778 974-3653  
Vern McIntosh HLTH Special Authority Victoria Team Lead 778 974-6175  
Rhiannon Hamdi CITZ Justice / Social Team Victoria Team Lead 250 387-1437  
Leanne Schulte CITZ Personals Team Victoria Team Lead 250 387-7876  
Tiara Farran RBCM Revenue Management Office Victoria Team Lead 250 356-8095  
Alana McArthur AEST StudentAid BC  Victoria Team Lead 778 698-1188  
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