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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Glen Buhr FLNR Stewardship SMITHERS Stewardship Officer 250 847-6308  
Kristine Wilker FLNR Stewardship WILLIAMS LAKE Stewardship Officer 250 302-5653  
Trevor Campbell FLNR Stewardship - Quesnel QUESNEL Stewardship Officer 250 985-2049  
Suzanne Shears FLNR Resource Management Merritt Stewardship Officer 250 378-0591  
Miodrag Tkalec FLNR Resource Management - Mackenzie MACKENZIE Stewardship Officer 250 997-2174  
Paul Barolet FLNR North Island/Central Coast Natural Resources District (Port McNeill, Bella Coola) Port McNeill Stewardship Officer 250 956-5102  
John Degagne FLNR Stewardship VANDERHOOF Stewardship Officer 250 570-0646  
Elizabeth Hunt FLNR Dawson Creek Resource Operations Dawson Creek Stewardship Officer 250 795-4154  
Wendi Knott FLNR Fort Nelson Resource Operations DAWSON CREEK Stewardship Officer 250 795-4217  
Bruce La Haie FLNR Stewardship TERRACE Stewardship Officer 778 702-1403  
Scott Hicks FLNR Rocky Mountain District - Cranbrook  Cranbrook Stewardship Officer 250 420-6441  
Tammy Baerg FLNR Stewardship PRINCE GEORGE Stewardship Officer 250 649-4387  
Bruce La Haie FLNR Stewardship  TERRACE Stewardship Officer 778 702-1403  
Robert Dunsmore FLNR Resource Management Merritt Stewardship Officer  
Katherine Leppala FLNR Stewardship - Nadina BURNS LAKE Stewardship Officer 250 692-1367  
Brenda Mann FLNR Stewardship Campbell River Stewardship Officer 250 850-1787  
Devin Dake FLNR Stewardship - Nadina BURNS LAKE Stewardship Officer 250 805-0022  
Eliot King FLNR Resource Operations - Sunshine Coast Natural Resource District  Stewardship Officer 604 413-0160  
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