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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Carter Williamson HLTH Security and Compliance  Senior Director 778 698-2860  
Agnes Tao MCF Youth Forensic Psychiatric Serv, S Burnaby, Burnaby Outpatient Clinic - SFD Burnaby Senior Director 778 452-2239  
Anne Schuetze HLTH Audits Victoria Senior Director 778 698-1765  
Kern Pal (Karry) Kainth LBR Complaints  Senior Director 778 572-2733  
Shawn Young MCF Prince George Youth Custody Services - QFA Prince George Senior Director 250 562-5393  
Rajan Reddy HLTH Digital Workplace Services Victoria Senior Director 250 952-1185  
Shannon Ostertag HLTH Financial Operations Victoria Senior Director 778 405-4094  
Michael Zary HLTH Contract Management Victoria Senior Director 236 478-2106  
Agnes Tao MCF Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services - Inpatient Assessment Unit - SFG Burnaby Senior Director 778 452-2239  
Tracy Harris CITZ Service Delivery Excellence Victoria Senior Director 250 213-9506  
Wendy Trotter AG Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance Victoria Senior Director 250 952-2378  
Sandra Wolfe AG Maintenance Enforcement and Locate Services Vancouver Senior Director 236 455-4324  
Emily Hamilton HLTH Digital Health Strategic Initiatives  Senior Director 604 202-4173  
Chris Van Veen MMHA Decriminalization Victoria Senior Director 236 455-4498  
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