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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
David Rattray HLTH Population and Performance Data Victoria Senior Data Analyst 236 478-3118  
Ankush Malhotra BCUC Compliance and Mandatory Reliability Standards Vancouver Senior Data Analyst 604 660-4700  
Andriy Struk HLTH Health System Performance Portal Victoria Senior Data Analyst 250 940-8631  
Kristina Breuer AEST Research and Analytics Victoria Senior Data Analyst 778 974-5962  
Abhilash Padatil HLTH Population and Performance Data Victoria Senior Data Analyst 250 940-8672  
Blair Ells FOR Information Coordination SMITHERS Senior Data Analyst 250 876-6835  
Brice Wong HLTH Population and Public Health Analytics & Special Projects Victoria Senior Data Analyst 778 405-2777  
Huaiyuan (Jack) Sheng HLTH Methodologies and Cross-Sector Analysis Victoria Senior Data Analyst 250 419-8521  
Ajinkya Thorve SDPR Analytics Victoria Senior Data Analyst 236 478-1451  
Sandra Roy HLTH Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting Victoria Senior Data Analyst 250 419-8928  
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