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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Michael McLachlan FLNR Major Projects - Prince George PRINCE GEORGE Project Manager 778 693-3002  
Erin Oscienny EDUC Early Learning & Strategic Priority Victoria Project Manager 250 886-1716  
Danielle Dornik FLNR BC Wildfire Service - HQ Victoria Revelstoke Project Manager 250 805-6739  
Tammy Dekens ENV Project Management Victoria Project Manager 250 413-7232  
Kathy Leeman FLNR BC Wildfire Service - HQ Victoria Prince George Project Manager 250 617-9952  
Libni Pardo HLTH Digital Health Strategic Initiatives Victoria Project Manager 778 974-2708  
Frank Spears FLNR Major Projects - Prince George PRINCE GEORGE Project Manager 250 561-3412  
Melanie Matheson FLNR Crown Lands Authorizations SURREY Project Manager 778 572-2174  
Vacant MCF Project & Lean Services Victoria Project Manager  
Henry Van Boxtel HLTH Integration and Engagement Victoria Project Manager 778 419-8628  
Sarah Obergan ENV Mining Operations Cranbrook Project Manager 250 420-6156  
Mathew Ocholi FLNR Northeast Resource Management and Major Projects Fort St. John Project Manager 250 261-2093  
Besire Culhaoglu FLNR FrontCounter BC Provincial Team North Vancouver Project Manager 778 621-2435  
David Allensen FIN Project Delivery Office Victoria Project Manager 778 698-8055  
Joanna Brunsden FLNR FrontCounter BC Provincial Team Victoria Project Manager 236 478-1346  
Siddharth Jain ENV Project Management  Project Manager 778 698-1113  
Kelsey Ewart HLTH Stakeholder Engagement Victoria Project Manager 250 952-2129  
Jessica Byers ENV Project Management  Project Manager 778 698-8268  
Deborah Smithson HLTH Laboratory Services Victoria Project Manager 778 974-2652  
Casey Farrell EDUC MyEd Operations  Victoria Project Manager 778 679-4033  
Steve Kachanoski FLNR Provincial Stewardship Strategies and Planning Victoria Project Manager 778 974-2416  
Clare Allan TRAN Application Management Services Victoria Project Manager 778 698-2611  
Kristin Thurston ENV Project Management  Project Manager 778 698-2637  
Monica Sheridan MCF Aboriginal Policy & Practice Victoria Project Manager 250 213-7218  
Graham Gillis ENV Project Management  Project Manager 778 974-5115  
Paul Servant CITZ UC Project  Project Manager 778 698-2836  
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