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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Charlotte Arday HLTH FOI, Litigation & Reporting Victoria Project Assistant 778 445-4802  
Melissa Mumblo HLTH Surgical Renewal Victoria Project Assistant 236 478-2037  
Emma Burke PSA Executive Talent Management Victoria Project Assistant 236 478-0656  
Alysha Bisgrove ECC Student Information, Data & Education Network Services Victoria Project Assistant 778 974-4716  
Tricia Smyth HLTH Provincial and Specialized Services Victoria Project Assistant 778 698-1865  
Robyn Stacey AG Homelessness Policy and Partnerships Branch  Project Assistant 236 478-1844  
Shannon Murphy EMLI Mines Health, Safety and Enforcement Division Victoria Project Assistant 778 974-2114  
Lindy Hugo EMLI Mines Health, Safety and Enforcement Division Victoria Project Assistant 778 405-3967  
Andrea McManus TRAN Major Projects & Alternate Procurement Branch Victoria Project Assistant 250 356-0037  
Joanne Von Drasek FOR Lands and Natural Resources Operations Secretatariat  Project Assistant 778 572-5049  
Ceara Fitzpatrick ECC Strategic Policy and Integration Victoria Project Assistant 250 419-8605  
Ronnie Duke ECC Digital Strategies and Services Branch Victoria Project Assistant 236 478-1480  
Lize-Marie Koekemoer MUNI IT Operations Victoria Project Assistant 250 387-1422  
Lisa Chau PSA Executive Talent Management VICTORIA Project Assistant  
Janet Love SDPR Recruitment, Organizational Health, Contracts and Staffing  Project Assistant 778 974-6170  
Lize-Marie Koekemoer TACS IT Operations Victoria Project Assistant  
Esther Shaughnessy FOR Compliance and Enforcement Victoria Project Assistant 778 974-5520  
Kelvin Law HLTH Seniors' Services Branch Victoria Project Assistant 778 974-4196  
Eva Pelegrin TIC Kicking Horse Canyon Project Kamloops Project Assistant  
Lize-Marie Koekemoer LBR IT Operations Victoria Project Assistant  
Christel Veilleux ECC Student Transitions Victoria Project Assistant  
Emily Samis MMHA Strategic Initiatives Victoria Project Assistant 778 974-2004  
Clare Trotter ENV Compliance and Enforcement Division Victoria Project Assistant 236 478-2242  
Esther Lapierre HLTH Financial Analysis & Decision Support Victoria Project Assistant 778 405-1553  
Tiffany Cowper HLTH Seniors' Services Branch Victoria Project Assistant 778 974-3255  
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