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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Alex Gee PSSG Surrey Office - Policing and Security Branch Surrey Program Coordinator 778 572-5053  
Vanita Pradhan AEST Private Training Institutions Branch Vancouver Program Coordinator 778 698-4321  
Crystal Kashman CITZ Leasing Services Victoria Program Coordinator 250 953-8829  
Gillian Nicol MUNI Islands Trust Victoria Program Coordinator 250 405-5195  
Sophie McDonough JERI Small Business, Economic Development Division Victoria Program Coordinator 236 478-3878  
Catherine Chao PSA Heath Promotion Victoria Program Coordinator 778 974-2920  
Sahye Cummings AG Tribunals and Independent Offices Victoria Program Coordinator 778 698-4777  
Meagan Tucker CITZ Asset Management Branch  Program Coordinator 250 883-4856  
Colleen Yakelashek EMLI Environmental Stewardship Initiative Branch Victoria Program Coordinator 778 698-9170  
Adrian Rajalingam HLTH Pharmaceutical, Laboratory & Blood Services Division Victoria Program Coordinator 778 974-3214  
VACANT VACANT AEST Sector Partnerships Victoria Program Coordinator  
Kerry Kalaman CITZ Asset Management Branch Victoria Program Coordinator 250 883-2512  
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