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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Shi Ning MCF Guardianship, Adoption & Permanency Planning Victoria Program Assistant 778 698-8869  
Mafalda De Medeiros MUNI Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-0208  
Charles Miller HLTH Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1759  
Lauren Coulter AUD Legal Victoria Program Assistant 250 419-6185  
Jennifer Cody FLNR Office Services Campbell River Program Assistant 250 850-1804  
Sarah Smith JERI Corporate Operations Vancouver Program Assistant 236 468-3140  
Paige Zboyovsky-Hartwig EDUC Services and Technology  Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2644  
Quiana Foster PSSG Office of the Chief Coroner Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1885  
Jack Janigan HLTH Billing Integrity Program Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-0308  
Alexandra M Thuynsma FLNR Client Services Branch  Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1904  
Indiana King AEST Governance, Engagement and Corporate Services Branch Victoria Program Assistant 250 478-3394  
Vacant FLNR Financial Services Br serving Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation, Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation Victoria Program Assistant  
Stephanie Pulice AG Maintenance Enforcement and Locate Services Vancouver Program Assistant 604 660-2528  
Charles Adams AEST Corporate Planning, International and Quality Assurance Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1953  
Courtney Daize HLTH Admin Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3685  
Ellie Dupont FLNR Operations - West Coast Region Admin Team Nanaimo Program Assistant 250 739-8255  
Raeanne Pearce FLNR Operations - West Coast Region Admin Team Nanaimo Program Assistant 250 739-8349  
Tiffani Boyce AEST People and Workplace Strategies Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-4956  
Clare Trotter HLTH Physician Compensation Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2242  
Heng Wang HLTH Provincial and Specialized Services Victoria Program Assistant 250 978-9713  
Niomi Bergevin HLTH Health Protection Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2410  
Jason Bradley FLNR Operations - West Coast Region Admin Team Nanaimo Program Assistant 250 739-8276  
Nancy Kivisto FLNR Resource Authorizations - South Coast  SURREY Program Assistant 778 572-2252  
Vacant FLNR Financial Services Branch serving Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development Victoria Program Assistant  
Elizabeth Weir HLTH Nursing Policy Secretariat Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-6306  
Sandra Reid HLTH Decision Support PharmaCare and PLBSD Victoria Program Assistant 250 952-2442  
Jacqueline Roden FLNR Operations - West Coast Region Admin Team Nanaimo Program Assistant 250 739-8272  
Jaime Carrier FLNR Regional Operations - Cariboo WILLIAMS LAKE Program Assistant 250 302-3540  
Dawn Foster AEST Strategic Policy and Initiatives Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3432  
Ryan Wong PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver  Program Assistant 778 572-3410  
Michelle Paradis HLTH Seniors' Services Branch Victoria Program Assistant 250 978-9721  
Catherine Van Swieten PSSG Policing and Security Branch Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-4845  
Lauren Morrison EMLI Electricity and Alternative Energy Division  Victoria Program Assistant 250 475-7460  
Rebecca Krayenhoff TRAN Procurement, Contracts and Risk Management Services  Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-4618  
Vacant MCF Aboriginal Services Victoria Program Assistant  
Alana Parker HLTH Digital Policy Security and Privacy Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3933  
Dianna Roberts JERI Trade & Industry Development Division Vancouver Program Assistant 604 775-2100  
Rudo Mgodi HLTH Beneficiary Services Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2808  
Judi Duckmanton AEST Post-Secondary Finance Branch Victoria Program Assistant 250 387-6169  
Ward Griffis HLTH Integrated Analytics, Primary & Acute Care and Sector Workforce Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-6336  
Marlinda Cabral MUNI Policy, Research and Legislation Victoria Program Assistant 250 978-9779  
Irma Rempel FLNR Portfolio Administrators Surrey Program Assistant 778 572-2262  
Mira Stefanova HLTH Community Care Licensing & Assisted Living Registry Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2097  
Vacant FLNR Innovation, Bioeconomy and Indigenous Opportunities Branch VICTORIA Program Assistant 236 478-2301  
Natasha O'Reilly HLTH Hospital Services Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2708  
Lynn Taylor AEST Research and Analytics Victoria Program Assistant 250 704-3036  
Devon Wells AEST Employment and Training Programs Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3434  
Ronnie Caswell AEST Labour Market Insights, Evaluation and Outreach Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3521  
Shawna Laursen PSSG Assistant Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Program Assistant 250 882-8229  
Emily Pang JERI Investor Services Vancouver Program Assistant 604 398-3694  
April Smith HLTH Office of Indigenous Health  Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-6119  
Susanne Pytela HLTH Ministry Planning and Strategic Initiatives Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3335  
Dania Cabeca FLNR BC Wildfire Service - HQ Victoria Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2422  
Jolayne St-Jacques FLNR Resource Authorizations - South Coast  SURREY Program Assistant 236 455-1590  
Madeline Juba HLTH Physician Negotiation and Agreements Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-3797  
Jess Gibbard EDUC Learning Division Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-4514  
Kathy Charlton AEST Post-Secondary System Policy and Liaison Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-0667  
Ellen Kloster FLNR Client Services Branch  Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2641  
Isabella Lam TRAN Transportation Programs and Corporate Initiatives Branch Victoria Program Assistant 250 419-8775  
Amanda Hurlburt FLNR Scaling/Client Services TERRACE Program Assistant 778 702-0102  
Yasue Kawai MUNI Immigration Programs Vancouver Program Assistant 778 572-5696  
Jansen Gibbs EDUC Governance and Analytics Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-0423  
Kelly Regan FLNR Operations - West Coast Region Admin Team Nanaimo Program Assistant 250 739-8294  
Nicole Bosch FLNR Northeast Resource Authorizations Fort St. John Program Assistant 250 787-3436  
Russell Elliott HLTH Physician Workforce Development Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1454  
Cindy Miller ENV Compliance Surrey Program Assistant 236 455-4760  
Krystine Howie MCF Verification & Audit Victoria Program Assistant 778 974-5568  
Melisa Delimedac JERI Trade Readiness & Services Vancouver Program Assistant 236 455-4332  
Jennifer Prigl HLTH Health Workforce Planning & Implementation  Victoria Program Assistant 250 978-9667  
Harry Gill FLNR Resource Authorizations - South Coast  SURREY Program Assistant 778 572-2239  
Ann Sluggett FLNR Dawson Creek Resource Operations DAWSON CREEK Program Assistant 250 784-1200  
Tom Power PSSG Policing and Security Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1961  
Maryam Mofidi MUNI Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Victoria Program Assistant 250 952-1230  
Konul Rosario FIN Public Information & Corporate Services Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2084  
Aaron Hennecker AEST Program Design and Delivery Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-0925  
Sheryl Aguenza EMLI Regulatory Management & Enforcement Branch  Victoria Program Assistant 250 419-8515  
Lauren Kinney TACS Tourism Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2248  
Nicole Sanderson HLTH Health Sector Workforce and Beneficiary Services Division Victoria Program Assistant  
Sonia Bains FLNR Resource Management-South Coast SURREY Program Assistant 236 468-1701  
Dylan Beale HLTH Allied Health Policy Secretariat Victoria Program Assistant 250 419-8632  
Jennifer Pearson HLTH Corporate Victoria Program Assistant 250 978-9661  
Jack Edwards HLTH Mental Health Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-1594  
Bronwyn Laanstra PSA Integrated Human Resources Victoria Program Assistant 250 978-9754  
Andrea Palmer FLNR Archaeology Branch Victoria Program Assistant 236 478-2872  
Mischa Gibbons PSSG Office of the Chief Coroner Burnaby Program Assistant 604 660-7745  
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