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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Iryna Matiyenko AEST Information, Privacy and Security Victoria Privacy Analyst 778 974-4003  
Vinicius Cid HLTH Privacy Victoria Privacy Analyst 778 974-4022  
Don Cherry PSSG Assistant Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Privacy Analyst 778 698-1761  
Maria De La Hoz HLTH Privacy Victoria Privacy Analyst 236 478-2176  
VACANT MCF Information Policy & Privacy Victoria Privacy Analyst  
Vacant CITZ Service Operations Victoria Privacy Analyst  
Joann Berekoff CITZ Privacy, Compliance and Training Victoria Privacy Analyst 778 698-9513  
Krista D'Argis PSSG Assistant Deputy Minister's Office Victoria Privacy Analyst 778 698-3997  
Jonathan Stedman PSA Contract Management Victoria Privacy Analyst 778 698-1369  
Vacant Vacant SDPR Security Privacy & Compliance  Victoria Privacy Analyst  
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