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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Gek-Bee Siow PSA Corporate Communications Victoria Graphic Designer 250 514-3982  
Frances Ishii DBC Brand Vancouver Graphic Designer  
Carie Miller FIN Graphic Communications Victoria Graphic Designer 250 953-4087  
Arthur Wilman CITZ Digital Content  Graphic Designer 250 413-7876  
Ani Sugiarto AEST People and Workplace Strategies Victoria Graphic Designer 778 698-9766  
Will Longaphie EDUC Finance, Policy & Administration Unit Victoria Graphic Designer 778 698-1242  
Kate Cole CITZ QP Business Development VICTORIA Graphic Designer 250 882-7017  
Nathan Oickle RBCM Marketing, Sales & Business Development VICTORIA BC Graphic Designer 250 387-2239  
Jackie Kelly FIN Graphic Communications Victoria Graphic Designer 778 974-4678  
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