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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Christina Dawkins FIN Finance Real Estate Data Analytics  Victoria Executive Lead 778 698-9401  
Suzanne Manahan EMLI Woodfibre Implementation Group Victoria Executive Lead 250 952-0729  
Denise Devenny MCF Indigenous Engagement Branch Victoria Executive Lead 778 698-4956  
Alex Chandler PSSG EMBC Corporate Support Services  Executive Lead 778 698-1542  
Lorie Hrycuik HLTH Population and Public Health Victoria Executive Lead 250 952-1731  
Chris Trumpy EMLI Mining Reform, Mines Competitiveness and Authorizations Division Victoria Executive Lead 778 698-7233  
Trevor Swan OGC Operational Policy & Environment (OOC)  Executive Lead 250 419-4364  
Rueben Bronee PSA Policy, Innovation and Engagement Victoria Executive Lead 250 952-6255  
Tony Loughran AEST ADM - Governance, Legislation and Corporate Planning Division Victoria Executive Lead 250 356-0826  
Dara Landry MMHA Corporate Services and Financial Accountability Victoria Executive Lead 778 698-8566  
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