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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Devender Kumar EMLI Strategic & Indigenous Affairs Division Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-1591  
Alexandra Oldroyd CITZ Network, Communications and Collaboration Services   Branch Coordinator 236 478-1705  
Ramona Braund FLNR Resource Planning and Assessment Branch VICTORIA Branch Coordinator 778 974-2438  
Tania Watmough TRAN Finance & Administrative Services Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 698-3172  
David Riedel TACS Tourism Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 698-1803  
Anita Baril FLNR Forest Tenures Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 974-2475  
Vin Fielding EDUC Management Services Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 250 882-1872  
Daniela Marquez FLNR Lands Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-2888  
Chantal Smith FLNR Compliance and Enforcement Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 974-3379  
Rebecca Groves FLNR Climate Change and Integrated Planning Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-0327  
Lindsey Gustafson FIN Information Management Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 250 978-9718  
Robyn Bachand SDPR Strategic Services Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator  
Chantal Smith FLNR Integrated Resource Operations Division  Branch Coordinator 778 974-3379  
Ashley Pound CITZ Strategic Services Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-0993  
Christina McKay SDPR Operations Support  Branch Coordinator 778 698-5034  
Johanna Ferrie PSA HR Support and Specialist Services Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-2105  
Kyleah Sagmoen PSA Talent Acquisition and Operational Solutions Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-1715  
Kerry Adams-Knull CITZ Service Delivery Victoria Branch Coordinator 250 387-1351  
Adrienne Walker PSA Total Compensation VICTORIA Branch Coordinator 778 698-7906  
Ki-Som Dempster FLNR Fish and Aquatic Habitat Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 698-9684  
Kate Howell EMLI Alternative Energy Victoria Branch Coordinator 250 478-1811  
Diane Jensen EMLI Policy, Legislation & Issues Resolution Branch Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 698-8700  
Linda Siperka FLNR Water Management Branch  Branch Coordinator 778 698-7344  
Amana Aujla SDPR Virtual Services  Branch Coordinator  
Vacant Vacant TRAN Finance & Administrative Services Victoria Branch Coordinator  
Leigh-Anne Gajowski EMLI Major Mines Permitting Office Victoria Branch Coordinator 778 698-7232  
Caroline Sheldrake FLNR Compliance and Enforcement Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-2564  
Valerie Hahn HLTH Stakeholder Engagement Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-2087  
Michele West EMLI Electricity and Alternative Energy Division  Victoria Branch Coordinator 250 952-0286  
Michele West EMLI Electricity Policy  Victoria Branch Coordinator 250 952-0286  
Johanna Ferrie PSA Service Delivery and Technology Integration Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-2105  
Kate Howell EMLI Electricity and Alternative Energy Division  Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-1811  
Joanne Winstanley MCF Talent Management Branch VICTORIA Branch Coordinator 778 698-9167  
Michael Leung CITZ Registries and Online Services Victoria Branch Coordinator 236 478-1585  
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