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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Charnpreet Johal HLTH Labour and Agreements Victoria Branch Administrator 236 478-0630  
Kristal Roman AEST Technology and Business Transformation Branch Victoria Branch Administrator 236 478-1839  
Andrea McQueen MCF Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services - Kamloops Clinic - SFE Kelowna Branch Administrator 604 556-3096  
Janine Weber AFF Business Risk Management Branch Kelowna Branch Administrator 236 766-7072  
Hollie Fidler SDPR RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND POLICY DIVISION - 008 Victoria Branch Administrator 778 698-7702  
Carly Gunter FLNR Rural Opportunities, Tenures and Engineering Division Victoria Branch Administrator  
Lauren Marshall FIN Tax Policy and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Branch Victoria Branch Administrator 778 974-4206  
Andrea McQueen MCF Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services - Interior - SFS Kelowna Branch Administrator 604 556-3096  
Vijay Hundle HLTH Corporate Issues and Client Relations Victoria Branch Administrator 250 952-2416  
Andrea McQueen AFF Extension & Support Services Branch Abbotsford Branch Administrator 778 666-0561  
Carina Isles HLTH Professional Regulation and Oversight Branch Victoria Branch Administrator 236 478-0693  
Sarah Grunert CO Cabinet Operations Victoria Branch Administrator 778 405-2789  
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