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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Kevin Sage FLNR Sustainable Forest Management Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 778 974-3845  
Jesse Montes FLNR Land Use Planning Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 236 478-0213  
Katie Harper (on TA) ENV Climate Partnerships and Engagement Branch Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 778 698-2885  
David Hewson PSSG EMBC Emergency Management Modernization Unit  A/Senior Policy Analyst 250 812-6120  
Calvin Jennings MMHA Social Sector Partnerships & Planning Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 250 419-8809  
John Quissy EDUC Strategic Policy and Planning Unit Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 250 812-8873  
Victoria Klassen Jeffery IRR Reconciliation Strategies Branch Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 778 698-8162  
Shelley Gin AG Policy, Legislation and Planning Vancouver A/Senior Policy Analyst 236 468-3723  
Katie Fraser AFF Corporate Planning and Intergovernmental Relations Victoria A/Senior Policy Analyst 778 974-4885  
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