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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Ashely Quinn TACS Deputy Minister's Office Victoria A/Senior Executive Assistant 236 478-0349  
Cherrie-Len Garcia CITZ Office of the Associate Deputy Minister and Government Chief Information Officer Victoria A/Senior Executive Assistant 250 893-1409  
Susan Baines ECC Deputy Minister's Office Victoria a/Senior Executive Assistant 250 216-4363  
Leanne Tarling FOR Associate Deputy Minister's Office  A/Senior Executive Assistant 250 876-6710  
Jeff Keene SDPR CORPORATE SERVICES DIVISION (CSD) - 007 Victoria A/Senior Executive Assistant 778 974-2048  
Wendy Kellam PSSG EMBC Associate Deputy Minister & Chief Operating Officer  A/Senior Executive Assistant 236 478-0864  
Lauren Mathieson IRR Declaration Act Secretariat Victoria A/Senior Executive Assistant 250 978-9662  
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