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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Geoff Haines CITZ Strategy and Transformation Branch Victoria A/Executive Director 250 953-6217  
Jonathan Foweraker EDUC Funding and Financial Accountability Branch Victoria A/Executive Director 250 896-2673  
Sophia Howse CITZ Privacy, Compliance and Training Victoria A/Executive Director 250 213-7855  
Cheryl M Hall MUNI Corporate Planning and Priorities Victoria A/Executive Director 236 478-2518  
David E Pyatt MUNI Community Gaming Grants Victoria A/Executive Director 778 698-3345  
Rachel Franklin FIN Financial and Corporate Sector Policy Branch Victoria A/Executive Director 778 698-1750  
Robert Leece IRR Negotiations Team 3 Victoria A/Executive Director 778 974-2125  
Derek Rains HLTH Acute and Provincial Services Branch Victoria A/Executive Director 250 952-3008  
Peter Wijtkamp EMLI Policy, Legislation & Issues Resolution Branch Vancouver A/Executive Director 604 660-2759  
Muriel Zemliak HLTH IT Services  Victoria A/Executive Director 778 698-3815  
Maija Duffy JERI Planning and Innovation Victoria A/Executive Director 778 698-8766  
Ricardo Toledo IRR Negotiations Team 1 Victoria A/Executive Director 778 698-1915  
Jack Shewchuk HLTH British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency Victoria A/Executive Director 250 952-9039  
Deborah Schwartz AEST People and Workplace Strategies Victoria A/Executive Director 250 880-2061  
Nat Gosman EMLI Built Environment  Victoria A/Executive Director 778 698-7282  
Bethany Estiverne MMHA Substance Use & Strategic Initiatives Vancouver A/Executive Director 604 250-9564  
Francois Bertrand EDUC Capital Management Branch Victoria A/Executive Director 250 415-1970  
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