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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Krissi Spinoza SDPR Accessibility Secretariat - 914 Victoria A/Director 778 698-2906  
Kelly Czmielewski MMHA Social Sector Partnerships & Planning Victoria A/Director 778 698-1457  
Carlene Thistle-Walker HLTH Stakeholder Engagement Victoria A/Director 250 952-1644  
Patrick Hamilton CITZ Financial Advisory & Decision Support Services  Victoria A/Director 250 952-0041  
Kelly Rainforth AFF Corporate Planning and Intergovernmental Relations Victoria A/Director 250 952-3266  
Erin Turner AG Policy, Legislation and Planning Victoria A/Director 250 419-8852  
Christal Engleder PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver Vancouver A/Director 778 572-3391  
Rachael Pollard FLNR Resource Practices Branch Victoria A/Director 778 362-7156  
Shannon Tucker PSSG Office of Crime Reduction and Gang Outreach Surrey A/Director 778 945-1364  
Karen DeMeo TRAN Integrated Transportation Planning Branch Victoria A/Director 250 415-6961  
Carley Coccola EMLI Environmental Stewardship Initiative Branch Victoria A/Director 778 698-8066  
Jamie Galt HLTH Emergency Management Unit Victoria A/Director 778 698-5823  
John Antill MUNI Infrastructure & Engineering Victoria A/Director 778 698-3232  
Leon Wood HLTH Business Planning and Application Management Victoria A/Director 778 698-3835  
Tu Tran FIN Fiscal Planning and Estimates Victoria A/Director 778 698-1535  
Rod Allen ENV Environmental Emergency Program Victoria A/Director 778 676-2069  
Katherine Leong HLTH Blood Services Victoria A/Director 778 698-9937  
Leith McKenzie FLNR Climate Change and Integrated Planning Branch Victoria A/Director 250 318-4274  
Peter Argast FIN Performance Budgeting Office Victoria A/Director 778 974-3608  
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