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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Laurie Brucker MMHA Strategic Initiatives Victoria A/Director 778 698-9733  
Gregory Reaney ECC Affordable Child Care Benefit Victoria A/Director 778 405-1817  
Tlell Raffard ECC Child Care Programs Community Services Victoria A/Director 778 676-1949  
Ninette Ollgaard ECC Change Management & Implementation Victoria A/Director 250 419-8704  
Peter Webber TRAN Integrated Transportation Planning Branch Victoria A/Director 250 952-2979  
Leith McKenzie FOR Forest Investment and Reporting Branch VICTORIA A/Director 250 318-4274  
Christel Ilunga AG Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Branch Victoria A/Director 236 455-1757  
Kelly Rainforth AF Corporate Planning and Intergovernmental Relations Victoria A/Director 250 952-3266  
Rishi Sharma AEST Intergovernmental and Stakeholder Relations Secretariat Victoria A/Director 778 974-5762  
Brent Case TRAN Geotechnical Engineering Unit Prince George A/Director 250 645-9619  
Jenn Morgan MMHA Treatment and Recovery Vancouver A/Director 778 698-5966  
Jordan Will HLTH Patient Care Quality Review Boards Secretariat Victoria A/Director 250 952-1908  
Irene Rae HLTH Decision Support - Stewardship Victoria A/Director 250 952-1971  
Jason Michaud PSSG Gambling Supports Division Victoria A/Director 778 698-3187  
Christal Engleder PSSG Policing and Security Branch - Vancouver Vancouver A/Director 778 572-3391  
Kristen Littler EMLI Energy Decarbonization Branch  Victoria A/Director 250 952-3173  
Scott Cutler EMLI Electricity Transmission/Inter-jurisdictional Branch Victoria A/Director 778 698-7256  
Bianca Lenz HLTH Decision Support - HSIMIT/PCD/SID Victoria A/Director 250 952-1377  
Margaret Case MMHA Stakeholder Outreach & Communications Victoria A/Director 250 952-1748  
Terry Oh HLTH Food Safety Victoria A/Director 250 952-1943  
Clare Cronin ECC Child Care Capital Funding Victoria A/Director 778 974-3491  
Annika Van Roy EMLI Columbia River Treaty  Victoria A/Director 778 698-4998  
Geoff Croshaw ECC Minor Capital Projects, Programs & Finance Unit Victoria A/Director 250 812-2561  
Brigid Canil TRAN Transportation Systems & Road Safety Engineering Units Coquitlam A/Director 236 468-1938  
Mahi Boozarjomehri ECC Outreach, Analytics, & Reporting Victoria A/Director 250 208-5903  
Holly Clow MMHA Decriminalization Victoria A/Director 778 698-1579  
Robert Taylor ECC Corporate Services Victoria A/Director 250 880-7026  
Melissa Zacharias ECC Career Programs and Policy Victoria A/Director 250 893-4277  
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