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British Columbia Assessment Authority    
Alan Brakefield, Manager, Quality Reporting and Analytics   1-866-825-8322
Alanna Lester, Manager, Procurement   1-866-825-8322
Amarjeet Rattan, Director   1-866-825-8322
Andy Hoggarth, VP and Executive Financial Officer   1-866-825-8322
Ben Mittelsteadt, Manager Communications & Govt. Relations   1-866-825-8322
Bill Dawson, Manager, First Nations Customers   1-866-825-8322
Bill MacGougan, Director, Quality Standards and Practices   1-866-825-8322
Bill Wallace, Manager Services Operation   1-866-825-8322
Brent Chan, Director, Services Delivery   1-866-825-8322
Bruce Fitzpatrick, Manager, Assessment Operations   1-866-825-8322
Char Paul, Director, Finance   1-866-825-8322
Chris Whyte, Manager, Specialized Cost Properties   1-866-825-8322
Christina Tarr, Manager Talent Acquisition   1-866-825-8322
Christine Nolin, Manager, Pay and Benefits   1-866-825-8322
David Garnham, Manager, Data Management & Reporting   1-866-825-8322
David Highfield, Director   1-866-825-8322
David Mohammed, Director Customer Experience   1-866-825-8322
Dharmesh Sisodraker, Manager, Customer Relations   1-866-825-8322
Don Krusel, Director   1-866-825-8322
Duane Bates, Vice President Assessment   1-866-825-8322
Ed Shum, Assessor Greater Vancouver Region   1-866-825-8322
Fernando Santella, Manager Policy and Procedures   1-866-825-8322
Geoff Radtke, Manager, Data Maintenance   1-866-825-8322
Graham Held, Manager, Assessment Appeals   1-866-825-8322
Grant McDonald, Director, Assessment Operations (acting)   1-866-825-8322
Gustavo Leal, Manager, Enterprise Architecture   1-866-825-8322
Jan Bosmann, Manager, Specialized Cost Properties   1-866-825-8322
Janice Thomas, Manager, Assessment Legal   1-866-825-8322
Jason Grant, President and Chief Executive Officer   1-866-825-8322
Jason Sowinski, Director, Assessment Legal & Appeals   1-866-825-8322
Jennifer Hardy, Manager, Program Change Manager   1-866-825-8322
Jill Davidson, Director   1-866-825-8322
Jitu Panesar, Director Planning and Architecture   1-866-825-8322
John Madden, Vice President People Services   1-866-825-8322
John Yannacopoulos, Vice President Customer   1-866-825-8322
Kelly Riggs, Manager, Change Management   1-866-825-8322
Kenneth Clarke, Manager, Facilities   1-866-825-8322
Kerrie Martin, Manager, Financial Operations   1-866-825-8322
Kevin Stewart, Director   1-866-825-8322
Laura Blackman, Manager Planning & Risk Management   1-866-825-8322
Laura MacLean, Manager Data Services   1-866-825-8322
Laura Schwagele, Assessor, Fraser Valley Region   1 866-825-8322
Lindy Bremner, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary   1-866-825-8322
Lisa Dedeluk, Director Communications & Government Relations   1-866-825-8322
Lori Wallis, Director of Strategic People Programs   1-866-825-8322
Lyle Dunn, Manager Assessment Appeals   1-866-825-8322
Marie-Anne Dhillon, Manager Pay and Benefits   1-866-825-8322
MaryAnn MacKinnon, Manager, Customer Experience   1-866-825-8322
Michelle Good, Director   1-866-825-8322
Mike Spatharakis, Manager, Local Government Customers   1-866-825-8322
Natasha Chen, Director, Property Information & Marketing   1-866-825-8322
Nicole Halbauer, Director   1-866-825-8322
Nolan Zak, Acting Director, Enterprise Business Solutions & Manager of Technology Integration   1-866-825-8322
Paul Loussarian, Vice President Information & Technology Services   1-866-825-8322
Peter Alexander, Manager, Knowledge and Skills   1-866-825-8322
Randy Wheeler, Manager, Services Management   1-866-825-8322
Rao Wandawasi, Director, Internal Audit, Planning and Risk   1-866-825-8322
Rebecca Sober, Manager, Employee & Labour Relations   1-866825-8322
Richard Rainey, Director   1-866-825-8322
Richard Taylor, Vice Chair   1-866-825-8322
Rod Ravenstein, Assessor Kootenay Columbia Region   1-866-825-8322
Rodney Ravenstein, Director, Local Govt & First Nations   1-866-825-8322
Sarah Bonner, Manager Information Access & Privacy   1-866-825-8322
Scott Sitter, Assessor Northern BC Region   1 866-825-8322
Sheri Bullis, Manager, Customer Services   1-866-825-8322
Shirley Li, Manager, Continuous Improvement   1-866-825-8322
Susan Gimse, Director   1-866-825-8322
Sylvia Bishop, Board Chair   1-866-825-8322
Tamara Sears, Manager, Product Development   1-866-825-8322
Tanya Becker, Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis   1-866-825-8322
Tina Ireland, Assessor Vancouver Island Region   1-866-825-8322
Tracy Wall, Assessor Thompson Okanagan Region   1-866-825-8322
Vanessa Cartwright, Director, People Services   1-866-825-8322
Virginia Dowler, Manager, IMIT Planning and Governance   1-866-825-8322
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