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Health Promotion & Safety
Government of British Columbia  > BC Public Service Agency  >  BC Public Service Agency  >  Employee Relations and Workplace Health  >  Workplace Health & Safety  > Health Promotion & Safety
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Name Title Telephone E-mail
Brad Buck Director, Safety  604 660-0837    
Cindy Lew Senior Manager, Corporate Health Programs  778 698-7940    
Maureen Foxgord Program Manager  250 508-7357    
Claudette Kolarich Program Coordinator  250 952-0446    
Moira Lee Health Program Manager     
Chelsea Resch Health Program Manager  778 698-7939    
Lori Denise Smith Health Program Manager  778 698-7993    
Coreen Wolanski Manager, Safety Advisory Services  604 660-0769    
Sonny Dhasi Occupational Safety Specialist  778 698-8018    
Hardeep Sarai Occupational Safety Specialist  778 788-9386    
Peter Cahill Occupational Safety Advisor  250 565-6010    
Dean Gamblewest Occupational Safety Advisor  778 698-7945    
Herbert Lam Occupational Safety Advisor  604 660-5537    
Bruce Luesley Occupational Safety Advisor  250 371-4332    
Jason Taylor Occupational Safety Advisor  778 698-8019    
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