Provincial Government Telecommunications Network


PROVnet, the private telecommunications network, economically and efficiently connects the majority of government offices in B.C. Calls are routed throught the network using the least-costly route based on the type of call (long distance or local) and the destination of the call (within the provincem or outside of the province). Pleas study the following instructions carefully. If you experience problems please contact your local or area attendant. In the case of a Trouble Call please use the following Trouble Reporting Procedure.

Trouble Reporting Procedure
24 hours - 7 days per week

PROVnet has a simple trouble-reporting procedure for ALL government phone users. It is important to follow this procedure, because Telus now charges for a repair visit to equipment owned or leased by the government. For all repairs please contact the ITSD Customer Service Centre at (250) 952-6000.

Dealing With Obscene or Nuisance Calls
  1. Record the date and time of the call.
  2. Note characteristics of the call and the caller. Was the caller male or female? Speaking in a high or low pitched voice? Drunk sounding? What was the subject of the call? Were any names mentioned?
  3. Report the incident to ITSD Security (250) 387-8521, who will assist you in contacting the police and Telus

How to Use the Network

Local Calls - Dial 9 + XXX-XXXX
Calls ot the local free-calling area are accessed by dialing 9 plus the seven-digit number of the called station.

Long Distance Calls

Long Distance - Province Wide, dial 8 + 1 + area code + XXX-XXXX
Long Distance - Areas Outside BC, dial 8 + 1 + area code + XXX-XXXX

Long distance calls within the province are made by dialing 8 + 1 + area code plus the seven-digit number of the called station. For the remainder of North America, dial 8 + 1 + area code, plus the seven-digit number. In both cases the call will be routed automatically.

Overseas calls must be placed through an unrestricted phone line. Your ministry Telecommunication Coordinator can identify unrestricted lines within your ministry. A listing of ministry Telecommunication Coordinators and Crown Corporation Telecommunication Contacts is located

PROVnet is to be used ONLY for the business of the legislature or the government. DO NOT make personal long-distance calls from a government phone over PROVnet under any circumstances. FRAUDULENT calls may be traced and the cost recovered from the caller. Disciplinary action may be taken.

If, in an emergency, it is necessary to place a personal long-distance call from a government phone, please place it through the operator. The cost should be charged to your residence phone number.

Non-network connected users are required to use telephone company long-distance services. Please place Direct Distance Dialled (DDD) calls whenever possible. Person-to-person , third-party-billed, collect or calling-card calls involve the intercession of telephone company operators; there is a surcharge for this service.


The purpose of a phone call is to get or give information to the called party quickly. The saying "time is money", is indeed applicable to a phone system. Therefore, it is a good practice to eliminate any function that would delay reaching the called party.

Call-screening, or passing through more than one answering point before reaching the called party, can be frustrating and annoying to callers, who consider their time to be valuable.

With the exception of calls to the premier, ministers, deputy ministers, and others of a similar position, please do not ask for the caller's identity. If, however, a caller's identity is volunteered - a good practice - pass it on to the called party.

Audioconferencing Services (teleconferencing)

The PROVnet audioconferencing bridge allows you to connect up to 30 callers to a telephone conversation, regardless of the callers' locations. These conference calls can be booked using the Audioconferencing Services Numbers listed on the inside cover of this directory.

For government telephone numbers not listed, please call: