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Name Org Code Organizational Unit Title Telephone E-mail
Cheryl Vickers AG Surface Rights Board Richmond Chair 604 775-1740  
Alan Andison EAB Oil and Gas Appeal Tribunal Victoria Chair 250 387-3464  
Andrew Pendray LBR Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal Richmond Chair 604 664-7800  
Alan Andison EAB Environmental Appeal Board Victoria Chair 250 387-3464  
Alan Andison EAB Office for the Environmental Appeal Board and Forest Appeals Commission Victoria Chair 250 387-3464  
Simmi Sandhu AG Property Assessment Appeal Board Richmond Chair 604 775-3117  
Ken G Peterson BCHP Board of Directors Vancouver Chair 604 623-4234  
Shannon Salter AG Civil Resolution Tribunal  Chair 844 322-2292  
John Les AGRI British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board VICTORIA Chair 250 356-8945  
Judy Rogers BCAA Board Of Directors Victoria Chair
Bernd Walter AG B.C. Review Board Vancouver Chair 604 660-8789  
Tim Ryan FPB Board Members Victoria Chair 250 213-4701  
Alan Andison EAB Forest Appeals Commission Victoria Chair 250 387-3464  
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